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Hello Good morning everyone Welcome back to my channel Today Vlog is going to be a self-care day Vlog Beginning with treating myself first thing in the morning We will go for good skincare products to pamper my skin I have got a new precious of skincare Which I will use today It called Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance set From The Face Shop, A brand from Korea This is a truly concentrated set of skincare If you are looking for a concentrated skincare For repairing your skin, this set is just for you I’ve been using this set of skincare for a while As you may know since the last time that I have got lots of acne which I also reviewed it Good thing that I’ve got this set of skincare Helping to restore my skin from all the damage from the acne I have so many acne marks on my face As you can see that they are still a bit left But it got a lot better now Other than acne marks My skin tone becomes darker Also, some of the skin peeled off There are 4 skincare in this set There are Toner, Serum, and Emulsion that come in a bottle like this And there is also the cream The cream will come in a jar For this set, the ingredients of their products Including wild ginseng, various herbs, and all kinds of flower Following the Korean ancient tradition of beauty This set of skincare is specially made for anti-aging, Reducing wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, exfoliation, Also creating brighter and flawless skin The toner and the serum of this set are very special And you can’t find it in other brands The texture of the toner feels like the serum And the texture of the serum would feel like the emulsion This because the products are extremely rich You would feel the moisture when you use this set of products And this makes them different from other brands Let start with the first product of today Which is the toner As I said, its texture feels like the serum It called Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance Toner For this one is quite different from others Since it can provide plenty of moisture to your skin If you have dry skin, just use your fingers to apply them Just tap them like this and apply to your skin This would provide you the moisture you need since the first step If you have mixed or oily skin type, It would be better to use cotton pads This would also help exfoliate your dead skin But my skin condition right now is oily but dehydrated I want to add more moisture So, I will use to apply this toner Just pour it on your palm and apply to your face just like the serum Next, I have the serum which called Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance Serum I’m in love with its texture, like seriously When you apply it on your skin, It makes your skin look dewy and really moisture The serum texture is bouncy But when you applied to the skin, it’s easily absorbed And not gooey on your face It really moisturizes your skin, and you have to try them These are the reason why I love this serum Follow with the emulsion It’s a milky texture, easily absorbed This emulsion has the special technology Once you apply on your skin It will turn into a thin film Protecting your skin from losing any moisture And trap them under your skin even longer For the scent of this set of products, I personally like it It’s a good scent of herbs It’s not like the old herbs of kind of smell But it more like herbs with wild flower, smell good When using it The scent will make you feel really fresh Along with its precious texture I recommend you to try them I guarantee that you will love them And now, I will apply the emulsion Last but not least The Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Rejuvenating Radiance Cream In this jar, there are 15 kinds of herbal extracts This will help reduce facial wrinkle And rejuvenate your skin So it’s become as bright as Korean girls It came with this little paddle It has 2 sides One for scooping up the cream And the other for massaging your skin I will scoop it on my palm like this Warm it up a little bit in your hand And then apply it onto your face As I mention before, This is a truly concentrated set of skincare I certainly recommend you to try them I’ve been using this set of skincare for a while It helps me a lot since my skin was ruin by the acne last time My skin is now much better It also helps reduce the acne marks But for its anti-aging ability I need to keep using them a while longer I’m sure will get to you with the updated result And right now, there is a promotion going on For the Yehwadam Hwansaenggo set It’s 20% off at all branches from today till 30 November 2019 If you are looking for truly concentrated skincare Also help rejuvenating, brighten your skin, This set is the answer for you. Just rush to any branches of The Face Shop But if you prefer online shopping Visit Or Line official I will put the link down here Go ahead and click on it After this, I will put the makeup on And we are heading outside Today’s first stop is at the clinic Which we are almost there I will do the vitamin treatment for skin also, hair removal laser I also have my brother with me today I will drop him off He’s going for the TOEIC test He said he will go for full marks too [1] You know that the pressure on me [Nuii] Pressure on you? No, not at all. It’s only 990 marks And now we are here You can turn left here There is a parking lot, and you can park here Now I have changed the outfit, waiting to do the hair removal laser I have to take everything off Since I will hair removal laser in several parts of the body Which part will I do the laser? I will do the armpits, arms, legs And the Brazilian laser which the private part too So, now I have done the hair removal laser Now I’m doing the vitamin treatment for skin This step will take about 30 minutes It’s better for you to drink lots of water after this treatment Vitamin would absorb and work better After I have done from the clinic I’m heading to Central World I’m terribly sleepy, I will find a spa, get a massage, and take a nap but the queue for the spa I got is not until 3:30 PM and right now, it’s only noon so, I might go shopping first I actually want that shirt in small But they are sold out They said there will be 30% discount From tomorrow till February 2020 I am now at the spa This place called “Mai” It located inside the Central World These are the massaging products that we will use I am in the Blocking Sauna, A half body sauna We will sit in this bucket for about 10 minutes [Nuii] While we are waiting for our queue, they have the complementary drinks for us The orange juice, and this’s the passion fruit juice [1] Very good actually [Nuii] How was it? [1] Not bad [Nuii] Ahh, not bad They said if you can do Hula Hoop for 1 minute You will get the signature dish for free Let’s try [1] Just give in [Nuii] How ‘bout you try [1] We can just buy it


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