Soap Swirling Technique, Cold Process Soap Making, (Technique Video #6)

Hi this is Teri from Tree Marie Soapworks. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make this soap. It’s scented with
Rose Gold from Bramble Berry’s new Soirée collection. I made this in a slab
mold so that we could keep most of the design on the larger surface area
instead of just having it on a little top sliver. First we are mixing our lye
solution. I always do that first. It heats up quite a bit and it’s better to get
that cooling first. I’m using Tussah silk fibers. These give the soap a really nice
silkiness when you use it, and they are cruelty free and these fibers are
collected from cocoons after the silkworms have emerged so they’re not
harming the silkworms in any way. I cut this up in little
pieces and add it to the water before I add the lye and it gives it more of a
chance to dissolve because it’s there at the beginning when the water heats up. I
still strain my lye water before I put it into the oils just to get any of
those little fibers out that are not dissolved. Okay now our sodium hydroxide is added to our water and now I’m getting ready my sodium lactate it’s
used at a rate of one teaspoon per pound of oils and it’s a natural hardener the
soap it makes the soap release from the molds a little easier. Okay here we’ve already added our coconut oil and now we add our sustainable palm oil this
sustainable palm oil comes from any supplier that’s part of the Roundtable
on Sustainable Palm Oil. So it’s responsibly sourced. I melt these
ingredients in the microwave and in the meantime, I measure my liquid oils. Right
here you can see that I use a little squeeze button to top off my olive oil
so I don’t pour in too much since I’ve already measured the other ingredients.
Now I’m adding my cocoa butter. These pastilles are really easy to
add. They’re easy to measure and they’re also easy to stir in without having to
re-microwave your mixture. When I use coconut butter I usually try not to get
it too hot but if it doesn’t completely melt from stirring I will microwave it a
little bit. Okay, now I’m adding in the liquid oils
that I measured before. Next, I add champagne Extract. This is also part of
Bramble Berry’s new Soiree Collection. I read later that you only need to add a
few drops to add something special to your handmade. I added more than just
a few drops, but it should be a really good soap. The reason why it’s added is
it adds moisture to the soap. Okay now I’m going to show you how I mix my
colorants. This is Fired Up Fuchsia and I squeezed a little olive oil into it.
Just enough to get it wet. And I use my palette knife in a Plexiglas sheet to mix
it all in. And I just keep mixing it to make sure I got all the clumps out. And
this is used at a rate of one teaspoon per pound oils.
Since I have a little time here I just want to thank everybody for being so
encouraging and some of you are so funny. I had a comment just a little bit ago
that someone said I’m a detail-oriented freak and it just cracked me up because
I kind of am. It just is how I am, so that’s just funny
they said they are like that too. So thank you! 🙂 And this is Burgundy Pigment and I
just showed that color sample. That was used at a rate of one teaspoon per pound
of oils. So we are only using this at a half teaspoon per pound of oils. With
red oxides you have to be careful about how much you use because
they’re pretty strong. Because sometimes red oxides can tint your bubbles or even
tint your washcloths if you’re not careful, so I wanted a
little bit of a darker color like a burgundy so I’m going to just darken
this up with a little bit of activated charcoal. And here’s the activated charcoal and I
just use the fourth of a teaspoon and I’m just going to add that when I add it
to my batter, just to get the color I want. All these colorants are from
Bramble Berry except for the next current, Gold Rush, It’s from Elements Bath and
Body. And I’m using one teaspoon, and I’m putting in some castor oil and some
olive oil. Castor oil is a little thicker than olive oil and I wanted it to be
somewhat thick but still able to drizzle it over the top, and what I like about
drizzling is it gives that little indent once the soap is saponified.
It kind of reabsorbs the oils and leaves like a divot where the oils were and it
has that gold, and I think it just looks really cool. Okay now our colorants are
all prepared and we’ll just get ready to make soap. So I’m adding my sodium
lactate to my lye water and now I’m straining. This gets out any of the silk
leftover and also any clumps of sodium hydroxide that didn’t get dissolved. Okay
now I’m going to add the lye water to the melted oils.
And then once I get that in there I’m going to measure the weight of the bowl
and oils in lye water. And then I will subtract out the weight of the bowl
afterwards and get the weight of the batter. Then I’ll figure my
percentages that I’m going to divide it up into to. For this tutorial I’m going
to use fifteen percent for the Fired Up Fuschia,
twenty five percent for the Burgundy Pigment and the rest will be the sixty
percent of white, which will be the Titanium Dioxide. And just stick blend
this until emulsion has reached, that way you’ll have time to divide your batter
and color it. Emulsion is just when you don’t have any more oils floating on top
they’ve all combined and they’re gonna stay combined. If you don’t know if it’s
emulsified you can let it sit for a little while and see if it separates
again and just hand stir it after that. Okay this is the fifteen percent for the
Fired Up Fuchsia. And the 20% for the burgundy, and the
last is the 60% for the white. And this is where I’m just adding a
little bit of the activated charcoal just to make it a little darker. Okay, next is the titanium dioxide and I
already have that pre-mixed in a big squeeze bottle. Because I use more of that than I use of anything else. So it’s just ready to go. This titanium dioxide is one
of the hardest ones to mix and get the clumps out of, so I dilute it at a rate
of one part titanium dioxide to three parts oil, and I usually use olive oil
when I’m diluting it. The fragrance I’m using for this is Rose Gold is the new
fragrance from Bramble Berry’s Soirée collection. I’m happy to report it did really
well in cold process it didn’t accelerate at all. Here I already figured
out the percentages of the 15, 25, and 60%, so I’m just taking that much out of the
bottle each time and resetting/zeroing the scale. This fragrance is
supposed to be tan and cold process soap. That’s why I use the white to whiten
it. It does seem like it’s turning a little bit off-white but it’s not going
to tan yet so I think it’s gonna be okay. And to me
it doesn’t smell like roses it smells floral, and it smells a little fruity, and
also I think, comfort, and pleasant and I think that part of it is the cashmere,
vanilla, and amber whenever I smell those, I think of “pleasant,” so if you’re wondering what the notes are it’s a sweet soft mix of coconut ,candy apple, raspberry, red
currant, tulip, freesia, heliotrope, rose, cashmere, musk, vanilla, and amber.
And here we just stick blend into a light trace. Because we want the colors
not to mix together when they’re too thin they’ll just kind of get muddy. Ok this next part is pretty
self-explanatory it’s just, you pour most of the white in and then you kind of
Jackson Pollock the top. If I had to do this again, I probably
would pour from just a little bit higher to get the colors to go a little deeper. That’s why it’s kind of good to video
your soap-making, because you learn things from yourself. This design would be good for a soap top
as well. When you just have a little bit of soap left over, just spatter it on
there and and just make it really uneven. it seems like the more white space you
have, kind of the better, and and you can do the lines, go back and forth across
the loaf in this short way and then you make the lines down the long way and it
looks really nice. Just make sure you don’t get your skewer too deep or you
will interrupt your design that’s underneath. Okay when you get all the color on, the
last thing you do is you drizzle the gold on. Okay and I tap down the mold to
release any air bubbles. And now it’s time to swirl. And I used a tongue
depressor for this one, and I think if I had to do it over again, I actually would
have used a chopstick, because these little squiggly lines are so close
together that I don’t think the tongue depressor was the best tool to use in
this instance, but I’m gonna try the tongue depressor the next time I do
Taiwan Circling Swirl. If you’ve seen my other videos I’ve been experimenting
on them different wideness of my swirling tool. Last time I use a popsicle
stick and the time before he used a wide stick that was about an eighth of
an inch wide. Both of them turned out really well I was really pleased so I
said next time that I’m gonna use the tongue depressor on the Taiwan Circling
Swirl. So when I’m swirling this in the other direction, I use this glass
stirring stick. I’ve seen some of the other people using them, and they are
really nice. They slide across the bottom really nice. I just banged down the mold again to
release any trapped bubbles and fill in any of those spaces on the edge that
were displaced. And I just put this through gel and let it stay covered up
for two days, and here I am unmolding it. This is how I got rid of
the little edges that were kind of up on the sides. Just use a palette knife.
There’s so many uses for a palette knife! And I didn’t want to show you all the
beveling of this one I figured you see at my other videos; you’re probably tired
of it. So I just showed the very end. And here’s how the final bars came out
and thank you for watching, and thank you you for spreading the word, and I appreciated all of you! And have a great day! 🙂


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