Sped Up Lumininance Coloring on Kraft

Hey everybody!
Today’s video is going to be a sped-up colored pencil video. I will be making
this card for you and I’m going to show you the entire process. It’s part of a
new release and so I do have some other cards here at the beginning of the video
that you can see over on my blog today, and tomorrow I’ll have the video on this
card! I have not done a colored pencil video
in a while and so I wanted to revisit one of my favorite pencils which is the
Caran D’ache Luminance pencils. These are my favorite pencils to work with. They’re
extremely creamy and easy to blend and from the beginning I’ve always done the
same technique with these pencils, which is to start on dark cardstock. Here I’m
just using Kraft cardstock but I really like the tinted greys that are pastel
paper, and I’ll link you to those as well, but I
find that starting on dark cardstock with these starting with a layer of
white, and then adding color and going back and blending with white makes the
projects just shine. They really are luminous they look like there’s light
coming out of the images, and it’s just my favorite technique. Now what makes these pencils unique is
they are a blend of wax and oil. So a lot of colored pencils that you’re used to
working with are wax based pencils and so you have to develop a certain
coloring style with those. But the oil in Luminance pencils are what makes them
creamy and more like a pastel. And for me – I am by no means a colored pencil expert –
they are just easier to blend for me and I don’t get that waxy sheen (which is
called a bloom) when you’re working with wax based pencils and I seem to be able
to work with these a lot longer. Now these pencils are available in open
stock and they are not cheap, so you might want to if you want to try
these try just buying a couple pencils. I would definitely buy multiples of the
white, and I’ll list the individual colors that I’m using here below and you
can go see what those prices are like. If you want to invest in a really
high-quality colored pencil though this is the set to ask for for Christmas,
because it’s so worth it! Now when I’m done with the general
coloring of the flower I like to go back and add really little dark darks to make
the dimension look more realistic, and I’ll be using this dark blue pencil
all the way across all three images for that just to give them a little bit of
continuity. Another unique thing about Luminance
pencils is they are the most lightfast pencils on the market. The pigments are chosen specifically for
their UV resistance so if you are a colored pencil artist and you don’t want
your work to fade over time with exposure to UV these are the pencils for
you! They also don’t break – you can see my sharpener off to the side. Whenever
anybody asked me what the best colored pencil is I give the answer that Kathy
Racoosin gave on her coloring roadtrip which is – a sharp one! You do want to
sharpen these frequently and you’ll see me do that throughout the video but
what’s great about Luminance is you never pull back a broken lead from the
sharpener. The pencils themselves are kind of
interesting the way they’re made so they don’t have a colored barrel like you’re
used to seeing with most colored pencils, they are dipped at the end with the
color of – I want to say lead, but it’s not lead but you know what I mean – but the
rest of the pencil is actually made out of California cedar which is kind of fun,
and when you open the box you can actually smell the cedar which is a
little bit addicting! They actually have specially managed for
us that they harvest their California cedar from, and yes I’m a complete nerd
and this is the kind of stuff that I read about when I have a couple of
minutes to read about art supplies. I just love those little facts. Basically
everything that this company makes is extremely high quality! They do have some
student grade – these are artist grade pencils – but they do have some student grade
pencils and I would trust anything that comes out of this company. I just think
they’re great at what they do and I’m impressed
with their quality. Now I’ve moved on to this little
succulent and after I put the white down you’ll notice that when I add the layer
of olive for this succulent that it just sort of disappears into the Kraft
cardstock. It will come back, you’ll see. You’ll be able to see all those little
petals and pieces of the succulent but they do do a disappearing act because
those two color values are very similar. I’m using this deep plummy color to
shadow the green, and I’m actually going to leave – you’ll see that I did this on
the flower over on the right as well – I’m going to leave some pure white
highlights. Where the petals are folded back – so you’re seeing the inside
which is what I’m coloring green, and then where you’re seeing the outside of
that petal where the light would be hitting it, I’m leaving that green. I’m speeding this up even a little bit
more because you’ve sort of seen my process now – start with white, add color,
blend with white, add shading, blend with color, and then a final application of
white. Those are basically the steps that I do every time, but you can see even after this many
layers of color how smoothly these pigments blend together. It’s just kind
of a miracle. Now the final flower is this larger one down on the bottom, and
I’ll be doing this in yellow and white. I actually don’t know what either one of
these flowers are so I’m just picking colors that I like that’s what I tend to
do anyway, and I’m leaving basically the ink outline to each petal uncolored and I did that in – if you noticed I did that on the blue flower as
well. That just helps me shade each individual petal before moving on to the
next one and not having them get lost in each other. I’m having a little bit of an allergy
this week it’s we are having a late spring which is weird. It’s
been very very uncharacteristically cool and rainy this year and so things are
growing that shouldn’t be growing right now, everything should be dead
because it should be 9,000 degrees, but it’s not 9,000 degrees yet and that’s
our version of winter. We like it when it’s so hot that everything dies
because then we’re not sneezing and coughing and getting bitten by things.
That’s actually a lie – we’re always getting bitten by things. But because of
the late spring we have crepe myrtles for days which are beautiful and I have
a Wren who had her babies in the mailbox on my porch and she is so cute! She’s
like the size of a Tater Tot and so the babies are so tiny I
can’t even come up with the word for how small they are!
And when we open the front door she flies off and she goes and sits in a
tree that’s near our front door and she squawks at me. Now she’s not very scary
because she’s the size of a Tater Tot, but she lets me know that I need to stay
away from her babies and it’s really cute and I’ve also seen her husband
because the pair will feed them together, and that’s kind of fun but it’s a little
late for babies on the porch so the weather has affected everybody not just
my voice! There is some foliage – I know it’s hard
to see on this cardstock – because I used amalgam ink in a very light color but
there’s some foliage and some little dots, and I’m going to do the same thing
here start with white for these little accents and I’ll actually leave the dots
white I think they’re really cute like that, and you can see that my white
pencil is half the size of all of my other ones because this is my favorite
technique! I will leave some white highlights on these leaves I think it’ll
make them a little bit more interesting they won’t be super realistic but they
need a little definition back there in the background, so I’m adding two
different colors of green. This is a very dark green with a little bit more umber
in it and that helps me define some of the little leaves in the stem and give
highlights and shadows. I love the way these turned out with
just a couple of colors, and they’re not very hard or slow to color but you do need a sharp pencil to make
these details stand out, and I actually need to empty my pencil sharpener after
this. I sharpened them so many times. White highlights at the end are my favorite.
This is the first time when I’m coloring that I actually use – I need to
sharpen my pencil – that I actually use pressure so throughout this entire
project I had a very very light touch, and that is really the only way that I
can get good results with colored pencil is to keep a light touch so that I don’t
over apply the color, but here at the end where I add white I am using a very firm
pressure. That’s only when I’m ready for final highlights, I would never do
this during the coloring process but I can afford some bold unblended color
here at the end. I like to always finish with white, so that’s just my
personal coloring style, I’m not telling you what to do, but it’s what works for
me and this was very fun to color and ends up making a very pretty little card.
So head over to my blog today for information about this project and the
others: the cute little toucan, and this that I will have a video for tomorrow,
and an adorable new turnabout, and some great word dies! Thanks so much for


  1. kathy k July 9, 2019 at 3:54 pm


  2. Kelli Hull July 9, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    Absolutely STUNNING!!!!! You are SO full of talent and inspiration my friend!

  3. Andrea La Vigne July 10, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing! I loved watching you color. Sorry to hear about your allergies. We have had some weird weather, haven't we? 😛 Though I think here in East Texas it is definitely summer. I had planned for Mama & me to do yard work a couple of evenings this week. Until I saw on weather.com that the heat index was supposed to be over 100 degrees! Aak! Change of plans–I'm staying in air-conditioned comfort and crafting. LOL Of course, the humidity is the killer here. I love the story about your wrens. My brother & SIL have both mourning doves & swallows raising babies at their house. The doves took up residence in one of those topsy turvy tomato growing thingies–how funny! Anyway, I hope your allergies settle down soon–I can remember the misery of respiratory allergies. 🙁 Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork. Take care, & have an awesome day! 🙂

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