Speed Coloring a Page from 33! (Narration by Russell Smalley) | Kickstarter Time Lapse Preview

Hey everybody, this is Russell Smalley again I’m sure if you’re watching this you’ve well, I asked yourself. What the heck is with 33 why? Why are you naming this after a number? And one thing does it even mean first off a short story about how the idea of the name the title even came to me? I’d written a story I Wasn’t really sure on the title, and then I was on my way to work one day sitting at a stoplight and you know how Banks have those the screens outside that you know have a little little news runner that sometimes has the the weather Come in for a new loan of crap like that. Well the the weather outside currently, I think this was a January February Said it was 33 degrees outside When I look up at the intersection because I’m stopped at the stoplight. Just killing time I’m at the intersection of 33rd and Broadway. I Like on my phone and there’s 833 I’m like, okay, whatever and so I go and going to snapchat Last time someone opened the snap for me. It was 33 minutes ago And that didn’t really like mean anything to me. It’s time then I know driver fluke you boxed on the road mentally Well, that was a lot of 33 So I kind of started me on a little rabbit trail Or a why the heck what is was 33 mean? What does that mean if you run into it? runs you’ve done any kind of research into Pythagoras and What he viewed how he viewed numbers and what they actually meant to him Then some of the ideas behind in virology probably don’t seem that abstract to you even though that How he viewed numbers and how we view math today. It’s very different I guess just to start off with understanding what 33 means that’s started with the number three so quoting here

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