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Hi boys and girls!! Today I have these different character activity
boxes!! We have, Paw Patrol!! Moana!! Disney Princesses! Palace Pets, and Dory!! And now we’re going to open the Moana box. One thing I really like about these boxes is that they’re made of tin. So when we’re done doing all the activities it comes with we can use the boxes for something else! It comes with these four markers. It comes with an activity book and on the
last page it has all the answers. It has a coloring book, and we can see Moana
when she was a little girl, when she grew up and is older. It comes with a page filled with stickers,
let’s take a closer look so we can see the stickers better. And all along the edge, this border is made
up of a bunch of stickers. It comes with another activity book but this
one is colorful, and it’s a bit bigger than the one we saw first. And it comes with a poster with a different
picture on each side. How about we use this Frozen pen with different
ink colors to do some of the different activities in the Moana book. In this first activity we have to guess which
characters these are based on this picture they show us. And this one is really easy, this is Moana. And this one is Chief Tui. Maui is over here. For these next two we have Pua, and over here
on top we have HeiHei. And we have the answers in the back so I can
see how I did. Woo-hoo! I got all of them right! So I’m going to give myself a sticker! Good job! Ooo I like this one! We have to try to find the six differences
in these two pictures, and every time we find a difference, we color in one of the stars. Oooo I found one here. The tattoo! Here’s another one! This leaf is green and this one is blue. Another difference! Here on his tattoo he has this circle part
here, but on this one he doesn’t. Number four! Ohhh I found a really easy one here that I
hadn’t noticed before! And the last one is here on Moana’s skirt,
she has little holes, and here she doesn’t have holes. Good job! And it’s time to change books! We’re going to color one of these pictures. This one! Of Moana when she was a baby. Let’s start with the sand. And here for the ocean, I’m going to color
some parts darker than others. How pretty! Look at all the vegetation. Wow, Moana looks so cute as a baby. And it looks like she’s been very curious since
she was a baby. Done! Baby Moana is done! And since I like how it turned out, I’m
going to give it a sticker. Good job! And now we’re going to color Maui. And this part of Maui here is made up of different
colored leaves. And Maui is done! And now let’s do an activity from this smaller
book. I’m going to do this maze and see if I get
to the end. Yay! I got to the end! And this one looks fun! It says Moana meets a lot of monsters on her
journey. And it asks us to draw one of the monsters. I’m going to draw the Kraken! Let’s put everything back in the box. Oh Here on the back it has this gorgeous scene Let’s look at the Palace Pets box! Let’s see what it has on the back!! Wow!! What a pretty picture!! Okay, let’s see what this Palace Pets Whisker
Haven box comes with. It comes with four markers, a small activity
book, a coloring book, and a bigger coloring and activity book. And it also comes with a sheet of stickers! Let’s take a closer look. And it comes with a poster! Oooo I love it!! Let’s look at the other side!! Wow! How about we color it?? Let’s start with Petite. Petite is Belle’s pet, and Belle found her
next to a frozen lake. Now let’s color Beauty, also known as Dreamy. Dreamy is Aurora’s pet, so of course, she’s
a big sleepyhead! Now let’s color Berry. Snow White’s bunny. And since Berry is Snow White’s, we’re
going to color her apron Snow White colors. And Berry’s tail is white, so I’m going
to lightly shade the outside with a light color. Here we have Pumpkin!! And she’s also white, but I’m going to
color her outline aqua. And here we have the mischievous treasure! Ariel’s cat. And now let’s color Sultan. Jasmine’s pet! And before I color the little bird, I’m
going to color these stars, and the grass. And now let’s color the bird! And this is how the Palace Pets poster turned
out! Now let’s do some of the activities that
come in this book. In this activity we have to connect each pet
to their bed. Let’s see if I can do this. I’m going to say that this is Sultan’s
bed. This looks like it would be Dreamy’s. This one is probably Treasure’s. This is Pumpkin’s, and this one’s Berry’s. And now let’s look at the answers to see
how I did. I got it right!! So I deserve a sticker! Let’s see what other activity looks fun. The maze! Let’s see if I can help Pumpkin and Treasure
get to the birdie. Oh no!! I went the wrong direction!! This one’s really easy. We need to figure out whose eyes these are. These are Dreamy’s eyes. And these are Berry’s eyes. These are Sultan’s eyes. And these are Pumpkin’s. This one was really easy! Now let’s look at the other book it comes
with. This is also an activity book, but it’s
smaller and it doesn’t have colors. Ooo this one’s cute! It says we have to decorate the three cupcakes. Ooo I like how they turned out. It says that in each line there’s one that’s
different and we have to figure out which one it is. Ooo I figured out that for the first line
it’s this one! The difference is that each of these have
a button here, and this one doesn’t. Let’s look at the line of Treasures, wow
this one is hard! Oh! I found it!! This one is the only one that doesn’t have
this part of the handkerchief. And now let’s look at Sultan. Let’s look at this top part, everything looks the same, everything looks the same… Oh! I found it! It’s this one! And the difference is it doesn’t have this
part of the hat here. This one’s really fun! It says that all the pets are going to the
horse races and they want to put on nice hats, and it’s our job to design one of the hats. Haha mine didn’t come out that elegant,
but it doesn’t look that bad colored! So I’m going to put a sticker. And here we have the coloring book. I’m going to color this one of Berry with
the cake. Oooo! The picture of Berry with her cake is done! And now we’re going to put away Palace Pets,
because we’re going to do Princesses! Let’s see what the box comes with on the
back. Oh, only hearts and some sparkles. The poster. Oooo Cinderella wearing her wedding dress! That reminds me of the video I did a while
ago of the weddings of some of the princesses. If you haven’t seen that video, I’ll link
it here and in the description box. And on this side we have Cinderella, Rapunzel,
and Belle. We have the activity book. And the colorful activity book. It also comes with this sheet of stickers. Let’s take a closer look. How about we start with the colorful activity
book? Oh! This one is fun! It says that Snow White counted 10 dwarfs,
but since there’s only 7, it says she wants to find which of the dwarfs are duplicates. I see one here, and another one here, and
one last one… there it is! In this activity, Merida’s mischievous little
brothers have hidden a few things. They’ve hidden a pair of shoes, a bow, and
some arrows. We have to help Merida find them, and Merida
also wants to find her brothers. Haha well the triplets don’t do a very good
job of hiding. They’re really easy to find! And they didn’t hide the things too well
either, here are the arrows, the shoes, and the bow…. Oh it looks like they hid that one well! Oh! It’s up here. Wow! Cinderella looks so pretty here! Look at what a beautiful dress! I love this picture! And this is like another test to see which
style of princess we are. Let’s see, which dress should we pick? I pick this one. Which shoes? I like the glass slipper. Which jewel? I like this one! And which handbag? Hmmm I like this one! Wow, it looks like I have a very wide sense
of style. But! I picked mostly B’s, and here it says that
if I picked mostly B’s I have Cinderella’s style. Friends, this activity book has some beautiful
pictures. Look at this one of Aurora! Wow! How beautiful! So colorful and pretty. This activity looks fun too! We have to decorate the mask so the princesses
can go to the ball. And the mask is done! And this mask is for… Rapunzel! And I’m going to put a Rapunzel sticker
here. And now let’s see what activities this smaller
book comes with. Here it asks us which one of these is Snow
White’s crown. The first hint is that Snow White’s crown
doesn’t have a black jewel. The second hint is that it doesn’t have
a swirl in the center, and the third hint is that the jewel in her crown doesn’t have
any curves. So the only one it can be is this one! Whose crown is this? Is it Cinderella’s, is it Ariel’s, or
is it Aurora’s? Let’s find out. Nope, it’s not Cinderella’s! Let’s see Ariel… yes! It’s Ariel’s! Yay! It’s Ariel’s! Oooo I think I know what this is! I love it, so I have to do it! It’s the rose from Beauty and the
Beast! My favorite movie! Pictures to color! I’m going to color Snow White because last
time I colored princesses, I didn’t color Snow White. Snow White is done! And now let’s color the poster! Let’s start with their hair. Now let’s work on their dresses. And we’re going to start with Cinderella’s
dress. Now Belle’s dress. And I’m going to color the roses red. We’re going to color these details a darker
yellow. And now Rapunzel’s dress. Friends, look who I found here! None other than Jac and Gus! And the princess poster is done! Dory!! Let’s see what Dory comes with on the back
of the box. Wow a beautiful under the sea scene. Let’s open the lid, it comes with stickers,
let’s look at the stickers. Oh, how cute! It comes with a poster to color. Ooooo it’s Dory with Nemo and Marlin. And on this side it’s the teacher with the
students. Friends, this poster looks small, but it’s
actually really big. Look at the activity books and then look at
the poster! It takes like an hour to color this poster. Let’s start with the activity book. Ohhh it’s mostly just writing. There’s this quiz that looks really fun
because it tells us if we’re more like Dory, Marlin, or Hank. So I’m going to do it to see who I get. It says “What’s your favorite color to
wear?” I like Blue. “You’re going on a big trip with your
family. You feel…” I want peace and quiet. “What is your favorite thing about yourself?” I’m going to put “I’m brave.” “What kind of people do you like to hang
out with?” I like kind people. Let’s see, I got… 3 B’s. Oooo I’m Dory!! Haha this one’s fun, it’s like what we
did in Palace Pets where we need to find which one is different. This one is different because it’s missing
this fin that all the other ones have. This one is different because it doesn’t
have this dot that all the other ones have. This one is different because this one has
the black dot that the other ones don’t have. And this one is different because the other
ones have these fins here and that one doesn’t. Oh this one is fun!!! This one says our job is to draw Hank’s
camouflage. Okay, the coloring book. OH! I love Dory as a baby!! And I really like how this one turned out,
so I’m going to put this fish. Ooo this one is pretty for coloring. And this part is really easy because it’s
all red. Hank is done! We’re going to put the Dory activities away
because we’re going to do Paw Patrol activities!! Let’s look at the back of the box. Let’s open it, it comes with markers. Oh, it comes with a poster that’s already colored. Rider, Chase, Marshall, Rocky are all on here. It comes with Paw Patrol stickers that you can make a frame with. And we have the activity books and the coloring
book. Let’s start with the small activity book. Here we have to find all these words, the first one we have to find is tail, and I found it here! Here’s paw. Here’s bark. Nose. Fur. Tongue is up here. And woof! Right here. In this activity we have to figure out with
car matches each dog. Oooo I love connect the dots!! Let’s see what we have here. Ohh I know what it is! I think it’s the lookout tower! Okay, now let’s move on to the big activity
book! Oh! This one looks fun! It reminds me of the Where’s Waldo books. And the things we need to find are this balloon,
this cupcake, this tennis ball, and this traffic cone. And we also need to find these pieces of the
picture. Oh! Easy! Here’s the tennis ball! Here’s the cupcake! Here’s the cone. And here’s the balloon behind Chase. Now let’s look for these pieces of the picture. I saw this one over here. This is this part of Rider, this one is Chase. Oh this one’s easy, it’s Rocky. This one is super easy, it’s Suma with
the bone. And this… I think it’s this part here. And let’s see if I can do the maze this
time. I helped Rocky find Marshall!! And now that we’re done with the activity
books, all that’s left is the coloring book. I’m going to color Sky because she’s my
second favorite Paw Patrol character. And we’re done with the Paw Patrol activities! Friends, if you haven’t subscribed to my
channel yet, you should so you can get a notification every time I upload a new video, and you can
watch it right away!!


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