Sunset Blending with Distress Oxide Inks

– So a while back when I was doing all of my ink blending
combos with distress oxides, I received a couple comments
of people requesting specifically, color combos for sunsets or just different skies. So, when I saw this
wildflowers background stamps, there’s two stamps actually
from Simon Says Stamp, I knew I wanted to create
something with this, and I thought it would be perfect for all of those sunset
blended backgrounds. I’m going to start with
this color combo here. And I’ve actually got four
different combos for you today. This isn’t gonna be serious. This is just kind of like four combos that I thought would look nice so that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m starting out with fired brick, ripe persimmon, and wild honey. And like I shared with you guys with that distressed oxide
ink blending series… Yep, I just dropped paper on the floor. Like I shared with you with that series, it’s all about getting a ton of ink on to the paper. So I’m really loading
up my blending brush, or my blending foam,
excuse me, blending foam. And coming in and adding that color. I also like to start
with the lightest color so that I can really bring that in, almost halfway up this paper. By the way, this paper is Neenah Classic Crest Solar White 80 pound. And I want this to be
super, super saturated. I want lots and lots of ink to work with. Because the more ink you have
on the surface of the paper, the more there is to blend and work with. All right, so this one’s pretty saturated. Probably gonna add more in a bit so I’m not too worried. Gonna move on to ripe persimmon. And I’m gonna blend
this across the center. Really loading this up. And I’m just gonna start
blending this across. And I mostly wanna lay
down where the color is going to be most intense. And then I’m gonna worry about
blending it to either side. Okay, so I’ve got it pretty intense. So now I’m gonna sort of circular motion down into that yellow. And see how the darker orange is taking over that yellow completely? Don’t worry, because it’s distress oxide and it’s a little bit opaque, I can bring that yellow back in and kind of push the
orange back that direction. All right, I’m just gonna
soften out the orange coming up this way. So that when I add the fired brick, it’s not gonna look like just a complete, like, stark line. Okay, at this point, I like
to clean up the work surface because I don’t want… Well, it’d probably be okay, but I’m gonna go ahead
and grab a baby wipe. And I like to do a baby wipe
followed by a paper towel. And that’s because the baby wipe can leave a little bit of moisture behind. And I don’t want it to seep up from the bottom of the card stock. See, and it still got all that. Even though it looked like
I got all of it, it didn’t. Okay. This is when I like to
protect my fingertips from all the ink. Because this ink is still
a little bit smudgy. So I take post it tape, just that much, and I’m going to put it
over my three fingers so I can hold it down. Coming in with fired brick now. And I really want this to be saturated and come in from the bottom edge. I’m really squishing down on that ink pad so that I get a lot of
that red ink on there. And you know, this is a
really big background. I might even bring the red
down a little bit further and add an additional color. In fact, I think I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna add maybe like a purple. ‘Cause I think that would
be really, really pretty a blending up to a purple. Making sure I have lots of ink on here. The more ink, the better. Because that’s really gonna
get those colors blending. You know, when people ask about how do I get a really good blend, I really think a lot of it
is practice and experience. The more you blend things,
the better you’ll get at it. I used to not be real good at blending. And I saw huge improvement doing that blending
series earlier this year. So if you really wanna
take it upon yourself to learn how to blend really well, I’d recommend maybe just go ahead and follow those color combos and just blend, blend, blend. And do as much as you can. And I think you’ll actually
really find that it works well. Okay, so the red’s coming down really far. The orange is all the way down. The yellow is almost non existent. So I’m first going to
come back to this orange. Actually, before I do that, I’m going to introduce that last color. I am going to use dusty concord. And I actually have that
slated for another combo, but I think it’ll be really
pretty on this one, too. Okay, so I’m gonna bring dusty concord in from this top edge. It’s just going to
intensify the red shade. I don’t want it to be
super, super purpley, but I want there to be a
little more variation in color as it travels up to that other end. All right, I’m just gonna try
to fade this out a little bit. All right, and I’m gonna
come back to that fired brick and I’m gonna work back
in the other direction now just so I can really blend these colors. Coming back to ripe persimmon. I really wanna bring this orange back. And then I’m going to bring in, well, first I’m going to
wipe up all this color. In fact, I’m gonna spray it. All right, and now I’m going to bring in the wild honey again. I’m gonna try to just walk
back some of this orange. So that I don’t lose all of the yellow. Especially because when
I stamp the wildflowers from the stamp set, I’m going to lose a lot of that color down there at the bottom. So I wanna make sure that
I’m getting a nice blend. And that that bottom
color is really visible. Okay, there is my first one. Hopefully that didn’t take too long. I’m gonna go ahead and go
through the other colors and I’m gonna speed through now that I’ve walked you through this one just so we’re not here all day. (soothing guitar music) Now that all the blending is done, I need to stamp on these backgrounds. And that last color
combo was very unusual. I wasn’t sure how well it would work out, but I did see a picture online of a sunset that was like a bright orange to a teal. I’m like, how does this work? Nature’s amazing. I don’t know how they
did it without making mud because I got that greenish
color in the middle. Okay, gonna start out
with this one right here. And I’m going to use one of
the MISTI Creative Corners so that I can stamp this image
all the way off all edges. So I’m gonna grab one of these. These are really big. All right, I want it to
be about right there. So I’m gonna go ahead and transfer this to the door of my MISTI. So I’ll put that right there. Put that, butt it up against the corner and then lift out that, that right there. I’m going to use Versafine onyx black ink. This is a really solid black ink. It’s my most favorite. Although I do like that new Altenew black pigment ink as well. But this is the one I have out right now so I’m gonna use it. I’m gonna stand up
because I wanna make sure that I get every single bit of this stamp. It’s a really big stamp. And then I can lift my background. You can see how crisp that background is. I think it looks gorgeous. And while I have this stamp on my MISTI, I’m gonna go ahead and stamp
another one of the backgrounds. So I’m gonna use this one now. Okay, love that. So pretty. Using the creative corners again. This one doesn’t come up quite as far. I wish it came up a little
farther but that’s okay. All right, there’s that one right there. One more to go. Inking up this stamp again. And I can see where it hit
the previous background so I know where I need to ink it up again. All right, and there’s
that one right there. So all in need to do is put
a greeting on these cards and they’re finished. I’m prepping four card bases. This is some Neenah
Classic Crest Solar White 110 pound card stock. And I’m scoring them at 5 1/2. These are all going to
be top folding cards. I’m going to cut out my greetings using four different dies
from Simon Says Stamp. One’s actually from Cathy
Zielske and Simon Says Stamp. I’m using good luck, thanks frame, you’re doing awesome and you’re so kind. Before I adhere the
gradings to the card fronts. I’m going to adhere the card
fronts to the actual card base. I’m using some Tombow Extreme Adhesive. I’m using Gina K Connect Glue and just putting dabs of glue all over this die cut. And before I adhere it, I’m going to just kind of
dab it on that over there just to, just on some scratch paper. And that will help get
rid of any excess glue. So here are all the cards for today. Lots of different sunset
color combos for you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed. All of the supplies, including
the colors of ink that I used and the stamp set and the dies, even the adhesive that I
used, everything is listed down below in the video description. Or in the supply section at my blog. And click through those
links and shop there. I’d really appreciate it. It’ll help support my
YouTube channel and my blog. And helps me bring videos like this to you three times a week. So thank you so much for watching. Onscreen right now, you’ve got three more videos to check out. I’m linking to some of
my ink blending series with the distress oxides
from earlier this year in case you’re wondering about some additional colors to use. And thank you so much for watching. I will see you guys on Monday for another make-a-card Monday video.


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