Miss BabyLOL Doll – Coloring Miss Baby from LOL Surprise!

Miss Baby LOL Doll Coloring Miss Baby from LOL Surprise!

Construction vehicle | 3D video | Cars | vehicles for children | Video for kids by Kids Channel

Back Hoe Loader Cement Mixer Cutter Driller Dump Truck Road Roller Mega Dump Truck Digger

Learn to Count with Shawn the Train – Fun and Educational Cartoon for Kids

Hi, my name is Shawn. I want to help you learn numbers. Let’s count all the objects in my wagons. I have ONE(1) car. ONE(1) TWO(2) construction cones. ONE(1), TWO(2) THREE(3) drums. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3) FOUR(4) wheels. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4) FIVE(5) mailboxes. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5) SIX(6) jars of jam. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), Read more…

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Coloring Book | Learn Colors And Shapes Videos | Cartoons For Babies

Coloring Book

5 Ways to Comfort a Kitten

[♪ gentle music ♪] Hi, everybody. When caring for kittens, you want to give them the most comfortable experience possible, so these are my top five tips for keeping kittens warm and cozy. The first thing I recommend is a microwavable heating pad, like a Snuggle Safe. You just pop it in the microwave for Read more…

Coloring deep dishes | Drawing for Kids, Painting for Toddlers

Hello! Today we will draw 8 deep dishes. Let’s Draw! Now let’s color!

Coloring gift boxes | Drawing for Kids & Painting for Toddlers

Hello! I am Nicole. Today we will draw 8 gift boxes. Let’s draw! Now let’s color! Pink Yellow Green Blue Purple Blue Pink Purple Purple Green Pink Grey Blue Pink Red Green Orange Yellow Purple Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Green Purple Blue Red Yellow Green Pink Green Yellow Red

learn colors with 3D racing cars coloring book videos for toddlers and children by kids channel