Dashboards – Range Filters

In this video, We’ll look at the Range Filter for our Dashboards. It allows users to apply a filter by selecting a certain interval. A good example of this is choosing certain date timeframes. I already have a dashboard with a grid and a chart that displays some sample data. I’ll add the Range Filter Read more…

Coloring #186 [Hearts Break] ║Sony Vegas

love by chance because this is my first life banshee söz lethal weapon mask skam fr skam poldark when hope calls sanditon when hope calls poldark supergirl söz daredevil söz humans from dusk till dawn humans call me by your name from dusk till dawn ask laftan anlamaz something borrowed after

Color with Bora | Halloween Coloring Page | Halloween Candy | Free Printable

Happy Halloween! We’re the fairy sisters! Hi, I’m Bora. Today, we’re gonna be drawing and coloring something, which is very sweet. And that something is for Halloween. Can you guess what it is? Yes, that’s right. Halloween candy! Okay, let’s get started. We are gonna color in this picture today. Look, there are some lollipops, Read more…

Flowers Coloring Page for Kids | Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse

The Maple Leaf Learning Playhouse Hey guys, let’s do the finish the flowers activity, OK? Yeah! Well, first let’s draw some flowers. Wow, these are looking great. And some leaves. More leaves and one more flower. Great! Now, let’s do some coloring. Color these leaves light green, yeah! Great! Let’s use some dark green, too. Read more…

Essential Exercises to Become and Coloring Pro & Grass Drawing made easy – INKTOBERFEST DAY 4

hi everyone welcome back to Inktoberfest day 4 and today we are talking about alcohol ink markers so one of my favorite subjects and if you’re part of the craft challenge you’ll know all about alcohol ink markers and if you didn’t sign up for the alcohol ink challenge well they start too late to Read more…

Star Coloring Pages for Children | How to Draw Star

Star Coloring Pages for Children | How to Draw Star Green Red Yellow Blue Yellow Green Blue

Coloring Pages Collection for Kids | Drawing Accessories for Girls | Coloring Dresses, Bag, Shoes…


Ready Jet Go Coloring Pages – Let’s Color the Ready Jet Go Cast!

Ready Jet Go Coloring Pages Let’s Color the Ready Jet Go Cast!

Drawing Lego Characters | Lego Avengers Minifigures | Lego Avengers Coloring Pages

How to draw LEGO Superheroes Drawing LEGO Captain America | Animation Drawing LEGO Spiderman – Animation How to draw LEGO Hulk – drawing animation How to draw LEGO Flash – Superhero Drawing Animation

🎨Coloring a ‘Piece of cake🍰’ with color sand|Painting|Animation

Hi, guys! Today, I’m gonna color a piece of cake in, using colorful sand. Would you like to have a piece of cake? This cake is so good, it’ll melt in your mouth. Umm~ Yummy! 😋