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Now, We will drawing and coloring palace pets with you. first we will draw and paint the Sultan. In the meantime, I want to give you some information about the Sultan. Sultan is Jasmine’s rowdy and rambunctious tiger cub. He is a furry ball of energy with a tiger tail! The drawing is done. Now Read more…

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How to Draw Kit of Fast Food. DIY Coloring Pages for Children. Art for Kids. Step by Step Drawing

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Hi Guys! Today We Will Draw! Let’s Start ! A B C D E F Red A orange B Yellow C green D light blue E blue F

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Hi! Today I’m going to draw a glitter birthday cake. Please watch till the end.

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What’s inside? Wow this is a multi-colored children’s hightliters Big children’s coloring book 1 hour Let’s draw a little deer let’s color deer Let’s draw a Fish let’s color a Fish Let’s draw Bee let’s color Bee Let’s draw an Elephant Let’s color an Elephant Let’s draw Home Let’s color Home Let’s draw a birthday Read more…

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Hello! I am Nicole. Today we will draw 8 gift boxes. Let’s draw! Now let’s color! Pink Yellow Green Blue Purple Blue Pink Purple Purple Green Pink Grey Blue Pink Red Green Orange Yellow Purple Red Blue Yellow Green Pink Green Purple Blue Red Yellow Green Pink Green Yellow Red

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