Homemade Penetrating Fluid, How to Make Your Own

hey guys ChrisFix here today I’m going to show you how to make your own penetrating fluid that works better than most of these products on the market I’ve used PB Blaster kroyle liquid wrench and wd40 all these products are pretty decent I’d say my favorite is the kroyle followed by PB blaster and Read more…

Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 11 – Christmas Gnomes

Drawing and Coloring Palace Pets (Sultan and Taj) | Palace Pets (Sultan ve Taj) Çizme ve Boyama

Now, We will drawing and coloring palace pets with you. first we will draw and paint the Sultan. In the meantime, I want to give you some information about the Sultan. Sultan is Jasmine’s rowdy and rambunctious tiger cub. He is a furry ball of energy with a tiger tail! The drawing is done. Now Read more…

Holiday Card Series 2019 – Day 9 – Penguin Window Card

Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 16 – Cozy Copic Coloring