Diorama – Scratch Built Diorama Pictures – HowToMakeADiorama.com

Diorama building can be fun and also enhance any scale collection you have, I have scratch built everything you see here. If you would like to learn more head on over to HowToMakeADiorama.com

Small Scale Dent & Scratch Repair With Bondo – Gear Up With Gregg’s

Accidents happen, and sometimes a scuff, scratch, or small dent can mess up the lines of your sweet ride. My names Trish, welcome back to another episode of Gear up with Greggs, where were going to use Bondo to fix small scale vehicle damage without breaking the bank. The Bondo brand offers a complete line Read more…

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Tutorial, Coloring hair【Voice Over, ENG SUB】

Hi everyone! This is Rina and today I’m bringing you the second tutorial about hair! Specifically how to color it ~ If you need advice on how to DRAW hair then I’d recommend you to watch the previous tutorial I’ll leave you the link up there on the right corner and on the description box Read more…

The Simple Machines Song | Science Songs | Scratch Garden

A long time ago Even before phones with computer screens People had to solve all kinds of problems So they invented Simple Machines! How to move things from place to place This kind of problem is a pretty big deal Do you have a stick and something round? Oh hey, it’s an axle that moves Read more…

How to Train a Cat : Use Scratch Posts to Encourage Good Cat Behavior

Hi! I am Dr. Adrienne Mulligan, I own Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic, and I am here today on behalf of expertvillage.com to talk to you about cat obedience. The first thing to do is teach him where he can sharpen his claws, because that is his favorite thing to do from an early age. So Read more…