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Abstracts for Dummies: How to START an Abstract painting

Please note that this is just an easy way to START an abstract and NOT INTENDED TO BE A FINISHED RESULT. This exercise is intended for beginners that need to overcome the fear of the white canvass. Okay, so what we doing is getting an abstract and what I’ve done is. I’m just mixing some Read more…

Spray Application For Pros – Sherwin-Williams

When you’ve got a lot of surface area to paint nothing gets the job done faster than an airless sprayer. To make sure you get the best results without wasting paint or time keep these recommendations in mind. Start by considering the type of paint you’ll be spraying. Is it latex, alkyd, epoxy, urethane? Or Read more…

Adventure in Slab City. CA [Den Nazarow]

DIY School Supplies! 12 Weird Back to School Hacks!

Ready for the coolest and most unique DIY school supplies that you’ve never seen before? I bet you are so check out these 12 amazing ideas! Do you have lipstick? No, I’m sorry… Oh me neither. Wait! Try this? What? Hey loves! School is almost here and this year I want you to have the Read more…

🐦 Coloring Easter Eggs – simple methods 4 ideas

Home Design & Decor Coloring Easter Eggs simple methods 4 ideas Coloring Easter Eggs is a great activity and a lot of fun for kids and parents you can do this activity with friends and family and enjoy a great time together Today we show how to just coloring Easter eggs You can use your Read more…

Scratch – Tutorial 04 – Create a Race Game in Ten Minutes

Okay, we’re back with another scratch tutorial this time. We’re going to learn how to create a race game in less than 10 minutes start by clicking create and You will be presented with a brand new project Make sure that you give this project an appropriate title in this case. We are going to Read more…

Wall painting creative new design for Asian paints interior.pakistan design

brown oil paint and black oil paint small kalam 1 inch masking type 2*1

How to Draw Cat Coloring Pages Animals for Kids, Art Colors for Children and Toddlers

How to Draw Cat Coloring Pages Animals for Kids