You Won’t Believe What This 3DP Gearbox Can Do!

Hey guys welcome to gear down for what today we’re going to find out how much weight this assortment of 3D printed Gears will be able to lift up and It’s going to be a metric ton But before I do that I have to assemble this gear box Before [I] start assembling this I’m Read more…

Tupelo Automobile Museum: Father’s Day 2011

Father’s Day is coming, and what better gift to give Dad than a membership to the Tupelo Automobile Museum? Dad will enjoy unlimited visits, including special exhibits all year long, and other members-only perks. Give Dad a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, for less than the cost of a tank of gas. Read more…

Racing Channel numero 34 – emission automobile – Decembre 2017

Racing Channel numero 40 – emission automobile – Juillet 2018

Racing Channel numero 43 Emission automobile octobre 2018

Drive Me To The Moon | Man Builds Space Age Automobiles

00:13 COMM: The brainchild of Michael Vetter, this the ETV, or Extra Terrestrial Vehicle. Born in Naples and raised in Germany, Michael owns The Car Factory in Micco, Florida. and he’s been turning out six to eight custom cars a year for the last fifteen years. 00:35 COMM: After he became a father, Michael tried Read more…

regenerative braking system project| Automobile Mechanical Engineering project ideas

regenerative braking regenerative braking regenerative braking mechanical engineering projet ideas mechanical engineering projet ideas regenerative breaking system regenerative breaking system regenerative breaking system regenerative breaking system Mechanical engineering project Ideas