Transformation of a Cardboard Robot Car Transformer into Real Life Robot Car

Transformation of a Cardboard robot car transformer into real life robot car

How to Make Breyer Stablemate Unicorns Into Horses | Model Horse Customizing Tutorial

Breyer came out with several new stablematemolds that are awesome unicorns, but what if you want them to be horses instead? Today I’ll show you the steps and tools you’ll need to dehorn and refine your unicorn so it’s ready to paint as a horse. What you’ll need is fine grit sandpaper and files. Links Read more…

Don’t be Afraid to Start with Mess!!! – Drawing Time Lapse – Commentary

For this video, I’ll write a commentary in the subtitles, this way, you can read or simply enjoy the time lape with no text. Hello, and thanks for watching this video. In this episode, I wanted to talk about the benefits of “messy” beginnings in art. As you saw, this project started with a big Read more…

how to make distemper paint at home in urdu.

very help full video destemper mix water 1geln in hof water like this video

Glitter House coloring and drawing for Kids, Learn Colors, #YouTubeKids

How to draw a house step by step First, draw a rectangle. This will be the roof of our home Now draw the attic. She is small. At the mansard draw a window. It is in our house round. Draw a round window. Now draw the walls of the house In order to be able Read more…

Food Pyramid coloring page for kids | Educational Videos for Kids | How to Draw Food Pyramid

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Frame-Off Restoration – FJ40 Land Cruiser (Part 7)

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le matite colorate: lezione di base

And here we are today I wanted to talk to you about pastels, also called colored pencils because in reality the pastels would be more properly called the wax crayons these are colored pencils, I wanted to take some for type ,those left over by the old boxes so there is a bit of all Read more…

Tutorial, Coloring hair【Voice Over, ENG SUB】

Hi everyone! This is Rina and today I’m bringing you the second tutorial about hair! Specifically how to color it ~ If you need advice on how to DRAW hair then I’d recommend you to watch the previous tutorial I’ll leave you the link up there on the right corner and on the description box Read more…