DIY School Supplies! 12 Weird Back to School Hacks!

Ready for the coolest and most unique DIY school supplies that you’ve never seen before? I bet you are so check out these 12 amazing ideas! Do you have lipstick? No, I’m sorry… Oh me neither. Wait! Try this? What? Hey loves! School is almost here and this year I want you to have the Read more…

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🐦 Coloring Easter Eggs – simple methods 4 ideas

Home Design & Decor Coloring Easter Eggs simple methods 4 ideas Coloring Easter Eggs is a great activity and a lot of fun for kids and parents you can do this activity with friends and family and enjoy a great time together Today we show how to just coloring Easter eggs You can use your Read more…

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Wooden Door – Fixing Cracked & Broken Panels (Update Available)

We’ve got these wood panel doors. and they are drying out and I don’t know if you can see but you can see there are cracks. See the light through the cracks? The panels are drying out and down there so what I am going to do is fill those cracks. The technique works for Read more…

How To Make a Remote Control Car – Very Simple

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How To Easily Prepare Paint For Coating – Ferrari 360 Modena – Chemical Guys

Welcome back to Detail Garage. So we finished polishing up the hood on this beautiful Ferrari 360 Modena. It’s looking fantastic, we removed a lot of the swirls and scratches from the surface to restore the beautiful yellow finish. Now, we prepared for this detail by washing the car, we used the OG Clay Bar Read more…