Maximo Automation Script Tutorial

Hello my name is Viet Tran, Product Manager at Avenue Business Solutions. In this tutorial I’m going to give you a quick introduction on how to use the automation scripting framework in maximo 7.6 You can open the automation script application under the menu system configuration – platform configuration In order to create a new Read more…

My little pony Rainbow Dash.Coloring for kids.Мой маленький пони

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How to Train a Cat : Use Scratch Posts to Encourage Good Cat Behavior

Hi! I am Dr. Adrienne Mulligan, I own Camp Verde Veterinary Clinic, and I am here today on behalf of to talk to you about cat obedience. The first thing to do is teach him where he can sharpen his claws, because that is his favorite thing to do from an early age. So Read more…

PAW Patrol. Coloring for kids. New episodes, Sea Patrol, Skye //Раскраски для детей Щенячий патруль

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LOL Surprise. Draving and Coloring for kids . 💋❤️💋

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LOL Surprise. Draving and Coloring for kids . 💋💋💋

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How to draw Hello Kitty and owl .drawing and coloring for kids .

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The Best and Worst Ways to Train Your Cat

Dear people of Team Cat Mojo. This is a public service announcement. My name is squirt, squirt bottle. You may use me to remain stains. You may use me to water your garden. What you should not use me for, and what has upset many of my brethren, is to punish your animals. Welcome to Read more…

PAW Patrol. Coloring for kids .New episodes ,Sea Patrol //Раскраски для детей Щенячий патруль

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