Jende Leather Strop & Stand Test

Strop stand made with a 3D printer Non slip mat 15.3 degrees Jende Kangaroo leather strop with 4 micron diamond emulsion Marking for finding proper angle EdgeOnUp edge tester PT50B 175 BESS 0.5 micron 95 BESS 0.025 micron 90 BESS. I think ‘0.5 micron ->0.025 micron’ seems to be too big jump.

Web Development Full Course – 10 Hours | Learn Web Development from Scratch | Edureka

Web development broadly refers to the task related to your web applications or web pages it basically adds up life to your otherwise ordinary web page. Hi everyone. Welcome to this full course session on web development. This will give you a complete crash course and let you know everything that you need to know Read more…

Glitter Cake Happy birthday Drawing Coloring easy step by step

Hi! Today I’m going to draw a glitter birthday cake. Please watch till the end.