The Making Of Chris Brown’s “Pills & Automobiles” With OG Parker & Smash David | Deconstructed

I love making music. It’s nothing else I’d wanna do. Like I couldn’t picture anything else. This is like my last option pretty much. Like making beats. I mean I grew up playing drums in church. I always had rhythm. Everywhere I go I’m always like tapping. That’s how it comes. With The Martianz they sent a lot of loops
so like you get a lot of different vibes when you cook up with them. That’s the coolest part about collaborating. Endless opportunities, so many different vibes
that could come from it, you know? So many minds going together. It’s so easy ‘cause he could just send
me something, and I just hear something and finish it. Send it back, and vice versa. We just keep going. This was a whole night. Like I was just trying to get a kit out, like
tomorrow. So I was like, just pressing loop, loop, loop. Not even paying attention, pretty much. Just like in the zone. Just going, going, going. Loop, loop, loop. And it just became what it is. I’m kinda influenced by EDM, like house
music and stuff that I listen to a lot. All those kind of arps and everything, that’s
the kind of vibe that I go for all the time. Okay, so I pretty much started with this,
off of Omnisphere. It’s like a custom little sound that I made
on there. And
I added this arp right here. And then added this arp right here. Like ear candy. You know how you usually have eye candy? I would call it ear candy. So this one, this brings it all to life. The melodies are always just like the base. Like, the whole vibe of the beat. This melody, the main melody of the song came
together, I was just making a loop kit. So I made probably like 100 loops just over
one night. Sent it over to Smash David, and he just took
it from there. Yung Berg hit me up to make uptempo beats. And then I hit up Martianz and a couple of
other people to send me a pack of loops. I worked on like, six to eight different loops,
and as I was making them I would send them to OG. Grab the loop, add some drums, make a simple
little beat, and then send it to him and then he did his thing. We did like, a good six and that’s how this
one came about. I mean I was just playin’ the loop. And as I was playin’ it, I mean, I always
start with the melody first and since that was already done, I started adding the hi-hats. Then after that I added the clap. Then I had a little rhythm going, so I started
adding the percussion. Which is the little rim in the back. Then I added the kick. And once I had that I just gave it a turn
up vibe with the 808. After I had this I just sent it to OG and
then he just did his thing. When I first heard it like, I don’t know I
just got like this feeling like, just somethin’ about it was just like I know this could definitely
be a hit. When he sent it to me, he had the 808 pattern
a little different. When I got it I was like, for the second half
of the hook, I’ma switch it up, so… And then I knew it needed like a strong synth
to like set off the second half of the hook. So, that’s when I added this sound. But when I heard it I was like, it needs something. So I went to this plugin called Effectrix
and I put a loop on it. So basically like, I don’t know, I guess it
gave the beat kind of more character. It was just missing you know what I’m saying,
that piece to complete the puzzle. That gave it the vibe. So it was a sound in a VST called Nexus. It’s called a contagious pluck. It’s just a random synth that I just, I don’t
know. After we sent him the beat, he sang over that
pluck, which I feel like gave it a even stronger melody and you know what I’m saying, definitely
sticks in everybody’s head when they hear it. I was making music with one of Chris Brown’s
homies called, his name is Bobby Luv. We work a lot so we were working on his
tape, and then he was like, “I’m about to” “go to the studio with Brown, send me some
beats.” So I sent him some beats, and like, I mean
I didn’t know if anything was gonna come from it. And then he hit me the next day and was like,
“Yo, Chris Brown got on like seven out of” “the ten beats you sent me.” I didn’t believe it at all. When he told me, I didn’t believe it. I was like, there’s no paperwork. I don’t believe nothing. That’s not real. Then when he told me it was for sure and it
came out, I mean, we were just blown away. I was driving. I was going like a 100 miles per hour with
my girl, she was scared as hell. I was just screaming “Oh, shit!” “Chris Brown, Kodak, all these people.” It was crazy. Yeah, like when the song went platinum I had
just woken up with my phone blowing up. This is crazy like, I’ve gotten a lot of plaques
off this one song. Every time that I hear this beat, I just see
those girls like at the water park. Like it’s just lit. I mean, it’s more of a add-on. We already have platinum plaques so just another
one. It’s another milestone. Just trying to keep going really.


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