Trailer: The Barge – Ultimate Scratch Building

What does it take to make a small, 6 inch long miniature vessel? How do you make something un-remarkable on purpose, just to make it perfect? How do you conceive a story in a miniature and build it from absolute scratch, one piece at a time? Let me present you ‘The Barge’ – a project to make something small in size, but big in potential. In this 3 part series I will be showing you many aspects of my miniature building methods. Raising it from pieces of plain styrene sheets and scratch building supplies. Painting it. Aging and weathering it using a wide
variety of materials and techniques. And finally, adding tiny but fine details
that bring it to life… just like magic dust. Watch this space if you want to know the secrets captured in nearly 250 GB of raw footage all shot in 4K to get you as close to the action as possible! And if you haven’t done it already, subscribe to my YouTube channel to share this experience with me.

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  1. D&RGW - Iron Horse Route April 10, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    Nice Build! You did a good Job!

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