Turtle Wax Scratch Repair Kit Review – Does it Work?

Hey everyone today, we’re gonna be trying out and reviewing this Turtle Wax Premium scratch repair kit that I picked up This is the first time I’ve used this so we’re doing this together. So check it out Hey everyone, I’m Ken from Northern Viking Everyday And if you are new to this channel, it is all about reviews and how to’s so make sure you click that subscribe button So you don’t miss out on any upcoming content today? We are gonna be trying out and reviewing this Turtle Wax Premium scratch repair kit that I purchased. I’ve never used this before But I’ve got some scratches in my bumper on my Honda Civic. I believe they’re just in the clear coat So we’re gonna try this out and hopefully it will do the trick So well go through that process with you and then we’ll come back into a review with you at the end and let you know What our final thoughts were now if you are interested in this product? I will put a link below to Amazon so you can pick that up as well as I did purchase a Arm & Hammer Microfiber cloth that’ll probably come in handy during this process So let’s go ahead and open up this box show you what’s in there and then we’ll get right into it So the first thing is the paint clarifying compound then there’s the spray lubricant where you spray where you’re gonna be sanding There’s the premium scratch repair pen Full set of instructions as well as three sanding pads. One of them is double-sided. The number one is the 2400 grit and if you turn that over you’ll see the number two, which is 3200 grit. There’s a 3600 grit, which is number three and a 4000 grit, which is number four So now that you’ve seen what’s inside the box the first step says to wash and dry your car. So let’s go do that So, let’s show you the scratches we’re going to be repairing today this one is on the front bumper driver’s side This is on the passenger side at the rear bumper behind the rear tire and there’s some lighter scuffs on the rear bumper as well So let’s make sure those are good and dry and clean So now we’re going to go ahead and mask off the scratches so we have a dedicated work area we don’t over sand And once that’s done grab your premium scratch repair pen and a system kind of squish it and rub it on paper until the Fluid starts to come out Then you can go ahead and start putting that on your scratches and it’s amazing how the scratches start to disappear right away Wipe up any excess that’s run down So it says if your scratches are really bad and you’ve used touch-up paint to start out with the number one grit I don’t think ours are quite that bad so we can start out with the number two So go ahead and spray your spray lubricant on the paint as well as the pad and it says to sand it about 20 times so we’re gonna do that And once that’s done we’re gonna move on to number three and do the exact same thing And after 20 times of that number four and this is the four thousand grit So go ahead and give that a good wipe And you can see there’s definitely some discoloration between their original gloss paint and where we’ve sanded So, let’s see if this paint clarifying compound can clean that up That’s significantly better than before but it still has some discoloration let’s try it out on the other spots at the rear of the vehicle All these light ones on the rear bumper Those ones are definitely harder to see than up front Alright, so I wasn’t a hundred percent happy of where we sanded the shine looked a little dull compared to the original clear coat So I went out and picked up this turtle wax polishing compound We’re gonna put some of that on there to see if we can get it close to the original shine So this turtle wax? Polishing compound says to polish it in with a cotton towel and then wipe it off before it dries And that looks way better Alright, so what are my thoughts on this turtle wax premium scratch repair kit So let’s make a scale of 1 to 10 and say 10 is using an autobody Place to repaint your bumper I’d say that’s a 10 out of 10 You’re gonna get that mint fresh showroom finish when you do that. I don’t think you’re gonna get that with this product I’d say this product is for those people who don’t want to spend that thousand dollars and They want to spend maybe 30 bucks to kind of make their scratches less noticeable. So when I Before I started this project you could see the scratches from about you know, 15 20 feet away They were kind of a white in color so they were noticeable And what I was looking for is for them to disappear and when you walk around the car, you don’t really notice them So I think that’s what I really did get out of this product. So when I use this product by itself and Did that though? I did notice a bit of a color in the shine between the original clear coat and where Had sounded but it took about seven feet before you kind of did start to notice that So that kind of bothered me a little bit so I Did go out and buy this polishing compound this turtle wax polishing compound and that seemed to help quite a bit and when I did use that It made it So I kind of had to go about three four feet away and stare at the scratches to kind of see where they were So I’d recommend if you’re gonna be using this to pick something like this up this turtle wax polishing compound or something else I’ll put links to both these products below if you’re interested in them Now the other thing I’d say is before you go and do this Try it in an inconspicuous spot to make sure you’re gonna be happy with it I don’t want you going using this in some other place and then you’re like hey, that looks awful Try it somewhere else and make sure you’re happy with it before you go do it all over your vehicle But for me, I would use it again and I think it was definitely worth the $30 to be able to walk by your car and not really notice the scratches and Otherwise that wouldn’t have done anything. I wouldn’t have paid the thousand dollars to go to an auto body shop So it definitely was a big upgrade from where it was before So again both these products are in the description below If you have used this product I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below how it worked out for you as well the color of your vehicle So if you’re used a red car white car? Write that down there as well because I’d like to hear whether it works better for different colors. So Hopefully that kind of helps you out in this review of this product So let’s say ten out of ten auto body shop This alone may be a seven out of ten and these combined I’d bump it up to an eight out of ten. So Definitely you can still see it a little bit but it’s much better than before so Make sure you give this video a like and also Subscribe to Northern Viking Everyday because I’ve got tons of videos coming up that I would love to share with you Thanks for watching and take care

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