Tutorial, Coloring hair【Voice Over, ENG SUB】

Hi everyone! This is Rina and today I’m bringing you the second tutorial about hair! Specifically how to color it ~ If you need advice on how to DRAW hair then I’d recommend you to watch the previous tutorial I’ll leave you the link up there on the right corner and on the description box as well. Remind that what I’ll explain you today are not rules you must follow 100% they’ll be just advice or methods that work for me so don’t be afraid to experiment farther than what I’ll tell you today ~ Without further ado let’s begin! So we’ve got a new Guinea pig for today’s video! Tho this one already comes with hair ~ She reminds me of someone but I don’t know who??? xD So there’s a tooon of different ways to color hair what I’ll do now is explain you a few of them so you can have something to keep experimenting from Simple way. Or minimalist way, kawaii way… Whatever you want to call that. as the name says, it would be something rather simple Let’s pick whatever tool we like And paint some small parts for the shadows This style can become too plain sometimes but it also can give a nice simplicity effect Generally the shadows and lights should have… kinda simple roundy shape, and not much details. Detailed way! Both shadows and light tend to do many hair lines kinda pointy feeling? I’m doing it really fast now but I hope you can get the general idea Intermediate way I think that’s kinda my style basically I use the good parts of each ways, I sometimes do more detailed shapes with more hair lines And other times I leave it more simple More important stuff Please, AVOID using plain white for the highlights White takes off a lot of magic from the picture and it can also make the hair look like plastic, like not real enough as in bad quality wig xD So my advice is to avoid using white as much as you can Instead of white try using other colors, like pastel colors for example! For the highlights it is also interesting to use the complementary color of the base of the hair But it can also be just a lighter color than the base, you can experiment a lot with this Personally I like playing with the highlight color a lot Like instead of using a lighter pink (for this case) which is most of us do as begginers we can use yellow, or green or even blueish I believe this gives a lot more magic to the picture We can even mix colors in the same highlights and make it a rainbow highlight ~ Another thing I noticed is that depending on the height of the highlights the picture can look different so I guess the point is to find an intermediate height, which is not too high nor too low And how can we know that? It is totally up to your personal preference and aesthetics Practice a lot and pay attention to how your fav artists place their shadows. You’ll eventually figure out the perfect height for your art What else should be kept in mind? The highlights shape As I said earlier there are lots of ways to draw hair it is the same for the highlights They can be super simple, like just a few round spots or strokes and that’s it! We can even give them a different shape like squares! Or triangles I also have a different yet simple way that I use for my glossy chibis Just make a line, which can be kinda shaky or very straight This one would be shaky Or more straight… like this We can keep working on this, deleting a few parts like this Or quite the opposite! Adding more lines for every hair strand or both things at the same time! We can also make them like… thin hair lines I often draw the highlights with some kind of H or N or diamond shape (? I don’t exactly know how to describe the shapes I do xD They can also be thicker and more square like We could do this by painting a big highlight zone and then erasing parts of it with the watercolor tool We could keep erasing parts we don’t like Adding more lines This kind of blurry effect is really nice too, I like it a lot Back when I started drawing I had lots of troubles with the highlight as I kept distorting it while I drew it so I’ll show you a little trick you can use to avoid that Before starting to work on the actual highlights make a general line to mark the position and curve you want it to have Then lower the mark’s opacity And use it as a guide. After this just delete the mark’s layer and it’s done! The direction/curve of the highlight is also important by doing it in one or other direction the perception of how the light falls onto the character or object can change so the point of view also changes. For example if we’re seeing the character from above, the curve should have kinda U shape And if we’re looking at the face from below, the curve’s shape should be the opposite so it matches the perspective. If we do it the other way just look what it happens here we can’t even make it look decent if we try the opposite curve xD it looks really strange here It looks weird, as it won’t match well the perspective and then our eyes can’t recreate the 3D shape of it Even with that, remember that these are NOT rules you can also choose to not follow this guidelines and draw the hightlights however you prefer For example, if the light/atmosphere you are trying to represent is very specific and you need to do the curves in a different way Then go ahead! Otherwise if you’re recreating very normal lights, like studio lights to show the character well then I think it’s best to follow some of these advice I just gave you. More advice ~ This one is to avoid getting stucked when you’re coloring the hair If you don’t know how to start drawing the shadows, then draw the highlights first Or if you don’t know where to place the highlights then start with the shadows Also remember it doesn’t have to look good at first You can make some real quick dirty strokes to decide the main idea and keep working from there by refining the shapes. Another thing we can do to add more magic to the hair is adding new strands of hair over the lineart It can be a really nice touch and it can also help you represent a windy scene, and give more movement to the hair So just pick the base color and draw some lines on a new layer over the lineart We can also give more light to the bangs! I’ve noticed many artists do this (including myself) so here I am just sharing the trick with you guys Just go with the airbrush over the bangs that are closest to the face using the color of the skin. Like this, softly. This way the hair mixes a bit with the skin and it makes everything look more coupled. Another thing I’d like to mention is to please play with the colors! Don’t get stucked on always shading with a darker color and highlighting with a lighter color The world of colors is amazing and it brings us a lot of different possibilities. So on the shadows we can add kind of a soft grey/purple/blue And on the tips of the hair or other parts we would like to light up we can use some vibrant blue color Also if you’re coloring a very light hair color like blond, white and the like we can make the highlights with a tiny darker color than the base because white would not be seen over such a pale color Lastly I think the best advice I can give you is the one I repeat the most if you don’t really know how to color hair, study how your fav artists do it now you already know some key points to consider while studying from your idols and to try replicating their technique Like the height were they place the highlights and shadows the shape, the colors they use… So now go and practice a lot! ^w^ I hope today’s video is useful for you! And remember you can help me release more content with a small donation on Patreon ♥ Every little help is really welcome ~ And that’s it for today! See you on the next video, guys! Bye bye ♥

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