Today I will be doing a Focallure Unboxing so excited so let’s just start with the unboxing I received 6 kinds of products I will make an honest review in this video and also do a makeup tutorial I don’t know yet what makeup tutorial I wanna do I will use Focallures cosmetics (They are Cruelty-free cosmetics) I will show you guys what the result looks like For the first product, I have an eyeshadow palette here This is the Sunrise version it’s their new palette it looks like a kpop album so this is what the palette looks like let’s open this up So this is the Focallure sunrise impressionism eye palette there’s a total of 16 eyeshadow i wil swatch the color one by one so you can see clearer what each color looks like the result is beyond my expectation because the result is really good and pigmented and the glitter looks very good as well It’s super worth it, with the price of only Rp95.000 you can get all this beautiful 16 shades of eyeshadow After the eyeshadow, I have here the highlighter It’s pretty big this is what the highlighter looks like on the inside this is what it looks like on the inside, the color looks very good they have 4 highlighter with different shades this is the close up look of the Focallure superstar highlighter Let’s swatch them one by one the result is shimmering soft it’s not “over-shimmery” this is also super affordable, only Rp90.000++ Here, I also have the blush this is the blush the color is super pretty it looks ombre for the blush, i chose the shade number 02, which is the grapefruit shade this color is more likely pink color it also has a pearl effect so if you apply it on your cheeks it has a little shiny finishing I also have the eyeliner this is the eyeliner i’ve open it just now it looks like this it’s very sharp the price of this eyeliner is only Rp30.000++ and i’m in love with it because it’s super easy to draw an eyeline on your eyelid as it’s very sharp and i already tried it on my hand it’s waterproof and smudge free next i have liquid lipstick it looks like this this is the V03 shade [who’s next] i will put a link below of all the products i use so you guys can know which shade i got this focallure liquid lipstick in shade number 03 becomes my favorite lipstick because the result is very nice and if applied on lips, the result is very smooth and does not makes my lip dry at all the last one, I have… this one is so cute it’s velvet matte lipstick it’s in a capsule shape isn’t this cute? it’s like super small i think this item is gonna be super travel-friendly you can bring it while trevelling or put it in your bag because it’s very small so cute, omg… this is literally a lipstick this is so small, camparing with my finger… this is my first time seeing a lipstick this small I will definitely bring this Focallure velvet lipstick along with me wherever I go because the size is super mini and it’s so cute very travel-friendly i’m using the shade number 02 here [all night party] it has a matte result and it’s also not dry Today i’m going to makeup using Focallure’s products I’m going to use makeup base first this is from the face shop it has a lavender color forgot to use my mirror and i blocked my own camera i was too focused that i didn’t realize i blocked the entire camera omg i didn’t realize the mirror was blocking the camera so unprofessional i forgot to wear my headband not wearing a headband while doing makeup is super messy because my hair just go everywhere after using the makeup base of course i’ll be using foundation/ bb cream here, i’m using emina’s beuaty bliss bb cream what is the shade? this is the natural shade now i’ll be drawing my eyebrow because when i makeup, i like to start from the top to the bottom i’m using Emina agent of brown this is the brown shade and afterward use the brush so it looks more natural this is the moment that i’ve been waiting i’m dying to try this Focallure eyeshadow palette because you can see that the color are all so pretty for the base, i will be using the color himalayan orange wait a sec, let me take my mirror i swear, making a makeup video is so hard for me, lol can you guys see the color? it looks so good it’s pigmented and it’s also very easy to blend in applying on my other eye the eyeshadow was bomb, the color look so good after that i will be applying under my eye too next, i’m going to use the color… (i’m confused) i’m really confused on which color to use because all of them look so good i think i’ll just go with the terra cotta so this has a glitter result and i’m going to apply under my eyes too for the last one, i will be using the sparkling rose you guys can see it right? it has the glitter effect right away and i will apply this under my eye too the result is so pretty i will also be using the chocolate martini i will apply it right here so that it makes the eye look longer overall, i’m very satisfied with the eyeshadow palette because all the color looks very pretty it’s very pigmented and the glitter doesn’t fall off everywhere next, i’ll be using the eyeliner this is the super line liquid eyeliner you guys will definitely know that i seldom use eyeliner because i’m very lazy to use eyeliner because i’m not good at using eyeliner it’s very troublesome for me to use eyeliner (my face look so sad, lol) but i will try out this product this is the result i think this is pretty good it’s very easy to apply because it’s super sharp i hate it when eyeliner are not as sharp and thin as this one causing it hard for me to apply, but this one is easy to apply i can even use it as a beginner after applying eyesahdow and eyeliner i will be applying the blush i also wanted to try this so bad since yesterday because the color look so pretty, ombre-color and the thing i like about Focallure is all their products have a mirror inside so even if you bring it outside, you can still have a mirror the color is pretty nice, it has a natural pink color the difference you don’t need to apply alot a little bit can be very pigmented after applying the blush, i would try out the highlighter i currently using this one, the white color i will also be using the pink color a little bit over here this highlighter is very natural it doesn’t look very fake on my face next i will use a mascara the mascara i’m using is from colorpro i’ll clip my eyelash first and then i’ll curl it again for my last step, i’ll be using this velvet matte lipstick i only applied on my lower lip and i just tap tap tap and the result is very pigmented and i thought this will be super dry because matte lipstick is often very dry when applied on lips but suprisingly, this is not dry at all you can see it’s not dry, even though i didn’t use any lip balm after trying the capsule velvet matte lipstick Now, I will be trying this one out this is the velvet liquid lipstick for this makeup look, using this lipstick is more suitable the color of the lipstick is the same as the shirt that i’m wearing now this color is more likely peach color the texture is also not dry this is the power of makeup so the result is… probably something like ulzzang? AFGSJAKHH Overall, I really like Focallure’s products you can see the result yourself the result is axactly like what it shows on their palette the result is pigemented If you guys are interested in Focallure, I’ll link down below all the products I use in this video Btw on 11 Nov, they are having a Mega Sale on Shopee:D Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, like this video and comment down below


  1. •Sofia Glass• November 5, 2019 at 9:27 am

    Oh, you are so pretty! And have the same eyes with Rosé, Blackpink!!!🖤🖤

  2. Resti Ramaliasari November 5, 2019 at 9:43 am

    Kak merk jepitan bulumatanya apa? Lucu bgttt

  3. wayV is my mama November 5, 2019 at 9:44 am

    The colours are So pretty!♡

  4. Bunny Krishna November 5, 2019 at 9:48 am

    Fifi You look so pretty .Please make a video of "what's on your phone".

  5. Softie Injun November 5, 2019 at 10:01 am

    Kakak mukanya mirip banget sama Twice Chaeyoung and Rosé Blackpink😍

  6. El Christy Ty November 5, 2019 at 10:30 am

    Cantikkkkkkkkkkk bngetttt

  7. Halima Raja November 5, 2019 at 11:13 am

    hi i really enjoy your diet videos plz make more and giva a update about your weight you did iu diet and now how you keeping that weight off

  8. Jam Saulo November 5, 2019 at 12:51 pm

    I like the eyeshadow palette and the mini lipstick is so cute 😊😍

  9. got7ismycupoftea November 5, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    I just watched your video abozt how you lost 10kg (11 months ago i think) and im wondering when you started to do your omad diet and to workout i mean like how old you were. Because i want to lose weight but i am still a teen so….

  10. Syasa Anisa November 6, 2019 at 9:34 am

    cantikkk♡btw kok mirip herin eks-smrookies><♡♡♡

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