Virginia Tire & Auto of Bristow Wheel Alignment

Hi, I’m Ben, the manager at the new
Bristow location and I wanted to take a quick moment to invite you in our shop
and show you two pieces of equipment that are brand new to our company. The
first one is going to be the Hunter Quick Alignment Check. This machine
consists of two different pieces. The first one is a quick tread check, which
actually uses lasers to check the tread depth on all four tires as we drive over,
and the second piece as you can see behind me is the alignment check. Today,
Oscar will be doing the quick check alignment check and let’s go ahead and
get started. So Oscar’s gonna drive the vehicle and the first thing he’ll do is
drive it over the lasers that check the tread depth. Now Oscar is going to get
out and attach targets to each of the four wheels. This will allow the
alignment checker to read the total total front toe and total rear toe, rear
camber and front camber. Oscar’s gonna go ahead and attach all four heads. He’s
gonna roll the vehicle forward, after which he’s going to grab the VIN scanner.
This will allow us to quickly enter the vehicle into the database and check the
specifications in which the vehicle requires the alignment to be in. All in
all, the process takes about 45 seconds to a minute to complete. The best part is
our customers can actually watch everything live on the TV right behind
me, so there’s a little bit more visibility into what we’re doing with
their vehicle. And we’re all set. Thanks for watching and thanks for checking out
our new Hunter Quick Check quick alignment check.

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  1. Harrison Rivera January 17, 2017 at 4:59 am

    Wait.. It takes seconds for an alignment check? I'm jealous.

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