What If the Color Green Disappeared for 24 Hours

We’re so used to how colorful our world
is, that we forget to appreciate the colors around us. Imagine what would happen if the most abundant
color in nature suddenly disappeared? What would the world look like without green,
and what would it mean for us to live without it? Green is one of the richest colors there are. It has the most variety of shades and tints
among all the others. Besides that, it also has the widest range
of possible meanings. Green mixed with vibrant yellow will look
fresh and juicy, but mix it with pale yellow and a little brown and it’ll look sickly
and disturbing. Dark green is associated with wealth and reliability;
but make it just a bit darker and it’ll be connected with greed and look militaristic. What’s your favorite green colored thing
in the world? Apples? Northern Lights? Comic books about The Incredible Hulk? Imagine if they all suddenly lose their color
and become bland and grey. Would you enjoy these things as much after
that? Let me know down in the comment section! Green is mostly associated with nature, and
for a good reason. We owe our lives to this color because most
plants are green. This literally makes it the most important
color in the world. Every cell in most plants has special parts
that contain a unique substance called chlorophyll. It’s capable of transforming the sunlight
into energy. During this process, plants consume carbon
dioxide and produce oxygen. The moment this clever mechanism appeared
on our planet, it became fully capable of sustaining complicated life forms. And this, in its turn, led to our own existence. For this same reason, green is also associated
with all movements that aim at preserving the ecology of our planet. What color could they use to promote themselves
if not green? If the emblem of some organization is green
– you know immediately that it has something to do with recycling or environmental clean-up,
or the preservation of endangered species. Some of them often include the word ‘green’
in their names on purpose, like Green Peace for example, because this color has become
a synonym for sustainability and nature in general. Even apart from ecology, green is a highly
effective marketing and branding tool. Being one of the most peaceful colors, it’s
linked to reliability and safety. Lots of brands use this to their advantage. We’re subconsciously drawn to green lights
and storefronts, especially in big cities where stress and pressure are inevitable. If there was no green, most brands would use
blue as the only other alternative due to its natural lure. But that would be too bland and monotonous! And after all, it’s not a coincidence that
green is the color of the dollar bill. The well-known ‘greenback’ is green not
only because in the 19th century this pigment was cheap and easy to find, but also because
it was meant to symbolize how trustworthy the dollar is as a currency. But the main reason for using green was because
at the time, all it took to make a false dollar bill was to take a photo. Photography was black and white back then
and wasn’t able to copy the green color. In our days, falsification is more complicated. But the green pigment used in bills has proved
itself to be sturdier than others. It simply doesn’t wear off with time. Still, I think the main reason why dollar
bills are green is what it represents symbolically. I wonder if this link between the green color
and money is part of the reason why green is considered the color of luck. You know, all those fairy tales about four-leafed
clovers and a tiny man in all green with his lucky charms, which may or may not make anybody
who catches him fabulously wealthy. All these tales came from the so-called Emerald
Island, better known is Ireland, but they became quite famous throughout all western
cultures. Now imagine that Leprechaun wearing a golden
jacket and hat instead of green – that would be a tasteless disco-star, not a symbol of
luck. Other traditions we all know and love would
likewise suffer a significant loss. What are the colors of the Holidays? Everyone knows that. It’s white, red and green of course. Even though green isn’t as significant here
as white and red, without it, these other colors wouldn’t be as fresh and cheerful. The red color is traditionally associated
with joy, strong feelings, and the rush of blood you feel when you’re especially excited. But with green come the feelings of a fresh
start, peace, and calmness that balance out the red perfectly for everyone’s favorite
time of the year. You can already see how significant green
is for design as a whole. A dark green car would look respectable and
luxurious. A bright green car would point to the creativity
and youthfulness of its owner. The same goes for interior design too. With so many shades of green, you can achieve
any kind of mood in your room for any purpose: from a home office to a kid’s room. But green is often avoided in the design of
office buildings, and here’s why: Most emergency exit signs and arrows around the world are
green. Without this color, they wouldn’t be as
effective. If a fire breaks out somewhere in a building,
it’ll spread quickly. Plus, if the signs leading to the various
emergency exits were just white – they wouldn’t be visible through the fire! Green works because it’s a better contrast
to most other colors. Green is so strongly associated with safety
that, even before elementary school, we learn that a green traffic light means it’s safe
to go. If it wasn’t green, it would probably be
replaced with blue, but that would still be somewhat misleading. The phrase ‘green light’ itself became
a synonym for “starting” or “going”. Pharmacies around the world also prefer to
represent themselves with the help of shining green crosses. They’re immediately recognizable signs,
making it easy to spot a drugstore at any time. Yes, they could use a red cross as a universal
symbol of medicine, but people might misinterpret them as clinics and emergency rooms. Such a mistake could be dangerous, so green
is the best option for pharmacies. It’s even believed that the green color
possesses some healing qualities in its own right. Ironically this same color is a good warning
sign that someone’s feeling bad. Ever heard of ‘green with envy’? And if someone’s face has a greenish hue,
it might be a clue about how this person feels today. It’s also a sign of danger if you find an
old piece of bread or cheese and see some green on it. You immediately know that it’s spoiled and
you need to toss it in the garbage can. Green also has a sacred meaning in traditional
spiritual practices that have a lot to do with medicine and self-betterment. Like for example, yoga. According to this teaching, green is the color
of the heart’s chakra, which is the main link between higher chakras based on meaningful
and spiritual needs, and lower chakras that represent natural needs that are inevitable
in human nature. So green is the color of balance too. It’s been shown that even a small painting
or photo with green colors in a natural setting hanging in your room will make you more stable
and easygoing. Bottom Line: You’ll remember that Kermit
the Frog in the original Muppet Movie once sang “It’s not easy being green”, and
he’s right. But it’d be even tougher with no green at
all! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
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on the Bright Side of life!


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